Q: When will my sofa be delivered?
A: You will find the approximate delivery time within the product information. We will keep you up to date and inform you of a more accurate date for your delivery once your order has been placed.

Q: Who will take away my old sofa?
A: We can not take away your old sofa and we recommend using the British Heart Foundation 0844 248 9193

Q: What do I do if the sofa is delivered damaged?
A: Notify us of any problems at the time of delivery.

Q: What does "Faux leather" mean?
A: The term faux leather is used when the material used is not leather but a man made PU or PVC material made to look like leather.

Q: What does "Leath-Air" or "Leather Air" mean?
A: Leather Air or Leath-Aire is a fairly new material on the market which is a new synthetic leather that is durable and easy to clean while breathing better then leather, it is not bonded leather.

Q: What does "Assembly: Minor" mean?
A: Minor assembly maybe required:

  • Putting the feet onto your sofa, Tools required: Screwdriver
  • Putting back section of recliner sofa together
  • Connecting sofa bed sections together

Q: How accurate are the product measurements?
A: All measurements supplied may vary slightly.

Q: Are you VAT registered?
A: We are not VAT registered at this time.

Q: What does LHF and RHF mean on the corner sofa description page?
A: This corner sofa comes with options, you can order it left hand facing (LHF) or right hand facing (RHF).

Q: What does RRP mean on the product page?
A: Recommended retail price.

Q: Can you provide a time for my delivery?
A: We can only provide a morning or afternoon delivery time due to the nature and unpredictability of the delivery business, however the delivery team should call you one hour before they arrive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us