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Reclining Sofas

Reclining Sofas & Recliner Armchairs

What’s the most important feature of a sofa? Is it the materials used – their colour and quality? Is it the pattern – anything from vibrant to plain? Is it the size of the sofa – after all, it should fit the available space, shouldn’t it?

While all these elements are important, there is one thing that rises above all others when you’re searching for your perfect sofa. What is it?

... Comfort.

Pure and simple.

The best sofa is the one you look forward to sitting down on each evening. It’s the one you can truly relax on. It’s the one that delivers that feeling of ‘ahh…’ whenever you sit on it.

If you’ve ever purchased a sofa that you’re not happy with, or sat down on one you didn’t find comfortable, you’ll know what we mean. If you’ve ever sat on a reclining sofa, however, you’ll understand why comfort is a game changer with this piece of furniture.

A reclining sofa turns a lounge into a luxurious cinema room

Found a film you’d love to watch? Snuggling on the sofa with a drink, maybe some popcorn or a bar of chocolate, and a loved one is a time-honoured experience we all love to have.

But imagine your next film night involves a more comfortable experience. Imagine leaning back and relaxing as a footrest comes up under your lower legs. Imagine getting comfortable and never wanting to move. If you tend to fidget after an hour or so of sitting down, you should try our range of reclining sofas. It’s the perfect way to turn a more formal room setting into something far cosier whenever required.

A recliner sofa turns a good book into a cosy experience to remember

Not a film fan? You can still curl up with a good book and take yourself into another land. And why wouldn’t you make sure you were comfy when you did so?

A reclining sofa allows for more versatile use of this single piece of furniture too. You can recline on one end of the sofa and get stuck into chapter seven, while your other half, friend, or child (maybe even your pet) sits at the other end. They can choose if or when to recline their portion of the sofa. So versatile and comfortable for everyone to enjoy, don’t you agree?

A reclining sofa looks great in any setting

Our classic range of reclining sofas is intended to suit all types of rooms. The timeless look permeating our entire range makes these pieces suitable for both modern and period properties. A reclining sofa can be the main attraction in a room intended for entertainment and catching up with friends and family. It can also be a pleasant surprise when someone discovers its reclining features for the first time.

That’s the only catch – once you realise how cosy these sofas are, especially when finished in a soft leather, you may find people are harder to say goodbye to at the end of an evening.

Not to worry – we sell reclining sofas and sofa suites to make sure no one needs to miss out. Isn’t that refreshing?